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Resume Writing

Looking to jump into CXO role, or from manager to senior manager? Oh college passout?

Blank with the idea how to represent yourself and no time to make a curriculum vitae but have all the requisite skills and passion to accomplish a new job.

Don't worry! We make your doorsteps to getting seen making success your prime marketing tool to get you there.

Putting your skills abilities and work experience precisely suitable for your job search.

You need not to worry like:

  • Is the information I've put relevant or less or extra?
  • Don't have time to sit back and fit in details
  • You have tried a lot but inspite of all the experience and abilities not been able to catch recruiter's eyes.
  • Struggling with old formats

Please remember that your resume not marely a CV but an effective marketing tool which gives your preliminary impression, falling which can leave you unnoticed for further interview rounds. So it is indispensable that it should be attractive (which is made by a good format), to the point , and relavant to the company who s hiring you.

Here is how we are going to make you stand out of the crowd.:
Resume has gone through lot of changes in present scenario. It has totally taken a place of your Profile Builder and not just only a summary of your qualifications and experience. Not only the formats but the way information is portrayed in the same has also changed. For subscribing to our exclusive services plz refer to the following catalog:

  • Experience
  • 0-3 yrs (entry level)
  • 3-10 yrs(middle level)
  • 10 yrs and above (senior executive level)
  • Text resume
  • Rs. 1000 + cover letter
  • Rs.3,200 + cover letter
  • Rs.4,000 + cover letter
  • Visual/Typographic resume
  • Rs. 2000 + cover letter
  • Rs. 4,800 + cover letter
  • Rs.5,000 + cover letter
  • Video Resume
  • Rs. 4,500
  • Rs.5,500
  • Rs.6,000
  • Linked in Update
  • Rs. 3,500
  • Rs.4000
  • Rs. 7,000
  • Professional Resume website
  • Rs.5000
  • Rs. 8000
  • Rs. 12000



  • You have to subscribe to our services in advance atleast one week.
  • Payment to be done in advance at the time you take subscription.
  • Text resumes and visual resumes will be couried to you within 15 days
  • Video resume , linked in update and professional website in 20 working days.
  • Cover letter will be free along with text and visual resume.